• Chris Seferyn

    Hospitality Expert

  • Why Are All the Other Guys Making Money?

    Because they understand how to market their place.

    Do You Own A Restaurant or Bar?

    Raise Your Sales and Increase Your Net Profit

    • Avoid the mistakes 90% of owners make.

    • Advertise and market without wasting your money.

    • Drive consistent sales revenue over time.

    • Use strategic renovations to stay up with the competition.

    Want to Open Your Own Place?

    I Can Help With That

    • Find out if your idea is a good one.

    • How to find a location and negotiate a lease.

    • Where to get the funding to open your spot.

    • How to manage the many details that go into an opening.

    • Market your opening the right way so you make splash in your market.

    • Position your concept for sales and net profit.

  • Tales From The Bar

    Hospitality stories: sometimes funny; never boring. Human psychology is fascinating.

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