• Chris Seferyn

    Hospitality Expert

  • Design Build Hospitality Consulting

    From Design to Construction to Branding

    Designing a Food Service Establishment

    Hire An Experienced Operator to Avoid Costly Mistakes

    • Avoid the mistakes 90% of owners make.

    • How to fit a conceopt into the prevailing marketplace.

    • How to drive consistent sales revenue over time.

    • How the design of the space works with the menu and staffing.

    Designing a Bar or Nightclub

    Totally Different Branding and Design Required

    • How to create a concept that will work.

    • How to find a location and negotiate a lease.

    • How to manage the many details that go into an opening.

    • How to makea splash in your market.

    • Position your concept for sales and net profit.

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